Why we love Redken

Always keen to bring the very best to our clients in Bromley, we’re extremely excited to announce that we now offer Redken professional hair care products.

About Redken

If you haven’t heard of Redken before, here’s a little bit about its history.

Redken was co-founded by Hollywood actress, Paula Kent, and her hairdresser, Jheri Redding, in 1960. Challenged with very fine hair and sensitive skin, Paula constantly suffered allergic reactions to the products used on her by hairdressers and make-up artists. She wanted to understand the science behind her reactions, so she could develop effective products that would be gentle on her hair and skin. And so began the science of hair care.

Why we chose Redken

Redken’s three core values are fashion, science and inspiration – three things that we love.

An original salon brand, Redken is at the forefront of hair care technology. Known throughout the world for its protein technologies, it currently holds over 60 global patents on products and ingredients. Its scientifically advanced products inspire stylists to create looks that deliver healthy, shiny and fashionable hair.

In 2005, Redken partnered with Guido, one of the most renowned hairstylists in the world. Styling for more than 60 fashion shows every year in New York, London, Milan and Paris, he is the creative force behind some of the most iconic hairstyles, providing inspiration to the brand and all who use it. And let’s face it, if he’s good enough for Kate Moss, he’s good enough for us!

So Redken really is the very best there is – and our clients deserve the best.

Our favourite product

We love all things Redken, but we’re particularly crazy about its award-winning All Soft Shampoo – softening shampoo with argan oil technology, it transforms dry and brittle hair to leave it silky soft to the touch and super manageable.