5 Questions to ask your hair stylist before changing your style

The long straight hair and mini fringes of summer 2016 are over; this autumn’s all about natural waves and broken bangs. Whether you’re thinking about changing your hairstyle to bring it right up to date with the latest trends, or you just want something a bit different ahead of the upcoming festive party season, you’ll no doubt be booking into your favourite salon soon.

Getting the perfect cut is about more than just finding a photo of your latest hair crush and asking your stylist to replicate it – some styles will suit you better than others. Make the most of your stylist’s hard-earned expertise by asking him or her these five questions before they pick up the scissors to ensure that you get the perfect ‘do.


1. Will this hairstyle suit me?

Seemingly the most obvious question to ask, but one that many people rarely do. Your stylist is a trained professional, you’re paying for their expert advice as well as their skills; make the most of it.

Whether a hairstyle will suit you will depend on many different factors – your hair type, your face shape, your bone structure and your personality. If your desired ‘do isn’t exactly right for you, your stylist may still be able to incorporate some elements of it into your cut.


2. How easy will this hairstyle be to maintain?

Another essential question, but one that’s sadly too often asked after the event – make sure you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for before it’s too late to change your mind.

If all you’ve got time for in the morning is to quickly pull a brush through your hair before dashing out the door, you’ll need to make sure that your chosen style isn’t one that needs a lot of maintenance.


3. How do I style my new ‘do?

Though your stylist is able to happily chat away while blow-drying your hair with a round brush, you might not find it quite so easy.

Don’t be afraid to quiz him or her for some tips on how to style it for everyday as well as on how to make it look even more fantastic for a special occasion.


4. How long will it be?

Or, more to the point, “this is how long I want it to be”. All too often people ask for a couple of inches off, without realising how short their hair will actually be once it’s been styled. Show your stylist where you want your hair to fall when it’s dry with your finger. And if you need to be able to pull it back into a ponytail, make sure you tell them.


5. Is my hair long enough for this style?

Sometimes you won’t be able to achieve exactly what you want with your current hair length. Ask your stylist whether the style you want is really attainable, or whether it would be better to wait until your next visit before making the change.