Bring LA glamour to Bromley – the LA Weave

LAWeave is the latest craze in hair extensions, taking the celebrity world by storm. 100% human hair, quick and easy to apply, and requiring no maintenance, they’re the easiest way to get natural looking long hair for anyone who hasn’t got the patience to grow it themselves.

If you haven’t heard of LA Weave before, or you’re not quite sure whether it’s the right kind of hair extension for you, read our FAQs – then pick up the phone and book your appointment!

1. How are LA Weave extensions applied?

The extensions are joined to your natural hair using micro rings made of hypo-allergenic aluminium or copper with an inner silicone lining. A weft is sewn into the ring, which is clamped to your natural hair close to your scalp – so there’s no glue, no heat, no bonds and no braids.

The whole application process is very quick (45 minutes compared to 4 hours for traditional extensions) and pain free.

2. Does LA Weave use human hair?

LA Weave uses 100% human hair, all of which is ethically sourced.

3. Is there a wide choice of hair colour?

LA Weave is available in 28 different colours, plus 6 ombre colours, so you’ll definitely be able to achieve the look you’re after.

4. How long do LA Weave extensions last?

The extensions last 8-10 weeks, after which your stylist will need to adjust them, moving the weave further up your hair. If you opt for removal, the process only takes 15 minutes (compared to about 3 hours for many other types of extension).

With proper care, the hair itself will last up to 9 months.

5. Are LA Weave extensions easy to style?

You can treat your LA Weave extensions as you’d treat your own hair – you can wash, cut, curl and straighten to your heart’s content.

It’s probably best to avoid washing your hair everyday when you’re wearing LA Weave extensions though as this can encourage slippage – every 3 days is probably best.

6. Can I colour my hair when I’m wearing LA Weave extensions?

You can colour the crown area as normal, but avoid colouring the extensions.

7. How comfortable are LA Weave extensions?

LA Weave extensions are generally far more comfortable than other types of hair extensions which require braids which can pull at the scalp; because they lie flat, they’re also easier to sleep on.

8. I’ve got very short hair – can I still get LA Weave extensions?

Your hair really needs to be at least 6-8 inches long for LA Weave extensions